Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day two and WotLK

So today has been pretty much an epic fail. I tried all day to get into a Heroic Underbog and/or a Heroic Arcatraz. This is honestly the most frustrating server to find groups on. And even if you do find a group good luck finding a tank. I had a good H-UB group but we needed a tank. Waited and searched for a good hour. Thanks a lot Laughing Skull. I love you too.

On the bright side my Tailoring is coming along well. Got up to 365 today and made some more Shadowcloth. (I still love the buff you get for making it) Hopefully by the time my CD is done I'll be at 375 and able to buy some cooldowns and finish my robe this week.

I'm also looking around for a good headset to use with Vent. What headset do you use? Any suggestions are welcome and would be much appreciated.

I am SO looking forward to WotLK. I threw around the idea of taking paid-time-off that day and veging out for hours on end but I think I'm just gonna buy it, install it and then get two full levels of rest while hype cools down. I have an inkling feeling that Northrend is gonna be exactly like the Isle of Quael'Danas was when it first opened. Hell on Azeroth. Really looking forward to leveling Dak again and all the new content.

However...I gotta get geared and get raiding before it comes out!!

Sidenote: Sorry my blog looks kinda crappy right now. I gotta get some time to work on it...

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destructivereach said...

Completely irrelevant to the post, but Happy Birthday!! Same date and age as me, how coincidental!

Hope you have a good one!

Oh... and Best wishes with the blogging as well, looking good so far :)