Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hokay So...

Alright everyone. After being inspired by my buddy Queklain over on Feathermoon, I have decided to start a blog following the many adventures of my Shadow Priest, Dakiaria.

A little about me. I've been playing WoW since September of 2006. I started on Arthas (PvP Alliance) as Hootsmcpoot a feral druid. I got fed up with the infantile antics of my guild and Alliance in general so I decided to do the only thing I could think of: Join the Horde. Left Arthas and have been playing Dakiaria on LS ever since.

So now to bring you up to speed with Dakiaria. I am currently aiming to gear Dak for endgame raiding. Doing pretty well so far. I was part of the guild The Overlords of Evil for a good long while. Great guild. Great members. Best GM I've been with. I left because I went on hiatus for a few months and the guild progressed far ahead of me. We were gearing from Karazahn when I left and when I got back they were finishing up Illidan in Black Temple. Like I said, they are an awesome guild.

So I joined a fun guild to earn some money and get my gear assembled before I join a serious raiding guild again. Right now I am workin on a couple of goals I have set:
  • Save up for epic riding and epic flyer.
  • Finishing up my Frozen Shadoweave Robe (getting my Tailoring to 375 in the process)
  • Getting my Enchanting to 385 (Go Blood Elves!)
  • Getting a couple of items to round out my gear and start running Karazahn and Gruul's Lair regularly
Regular updates comin soon! And thanks for reading!


musingsofaraider said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You'll find a lot of us shadow priesty types lurking around. :)

It sounds like you're on your way with your shadow priest - good luck!

Indigo said...

Saving for the epic flying is painful, isn't it, but after you've got it it's TOTALLY worth the effort.