Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Dragonkiller

Well tonight was a great night in my new guild ! Tonight a Gruul's Lair run was scheduled and considering I am the only Shadow Priest in the guild, I was invited.

It went really smoothly. The High King and his little friends went down easily. He dropped some bracers and 3 T4 shoulder tokens. Unfortunately none of the three were Priest tokens...

Gruul was a bit more tenacious...

We wiped on our first try cause the pugs didn't understand the concept of becoming a living frag grenade when Gruul throws you in the air. They thought it would be a real good idea to stand right next to our healers. However try two went very smoothly and we downed him. Well I should say the living members of the guild killed him cause a pug tried to give me a hug after Gruul threw him next to me...

Well Gruul dropped a headpiece, the DST (which was reserved due to many people's chagrin), and T4 pants tokens. Again...no priest tokens...oy.

Well it was fun doing Gruul's and it's a good thing we run it pretty often (cause I want my freakin T4 tokens).

The Tower in Deadwind Pass

Well folks, yesterday was my big day. It was officially my entrance into raiding! I got back online after I posted last night and was looking to run Heroic Magister's Terrace. Well one of my guildmates informed me was looking for a Shadow Priest to run Karazahn with them. I messaged their GM and although me +shadow spell damage is only 828 he invited me and told me that would be more than enough.

So there I was. Inside Kara. My first raid.

When I got in they had just downed The Curator So we were headed on to Illhoof. Got down there with no problems whatsoever. I was really nervous cause it was the first "boss level" enemy I had gone up against. They told me I had to make a macro to target the Demon Chains. Okay....So I did and in we went. It went really well. We downed him without one person dying. And best of all, I got my first piece of Kara gear! God I love that belt....

Well after that we headed up to The Shade. We downed him no problems as well. My favorite wand ever dropped but it went to the lock in the group since I had already won the belt and I was just a pug afterall...

...Or so I thought. I had to get going and told the GM thanks so much for the invite and for letting me snag that belt. I really needed an upgrade badly. Well he whispered me back asking if I wanted to join !! I was overjoyed. The have a regular Kara schedule right now and alre still running heroics for dailies. Well, it didn't take me long to say goodbye to my friends in and say hello to my new friends in !

So here I am. A shadow priest in an awesome raiding guild. And the best part is...

They need me. :]

Monday, September 22, 2008

Boots and Dead Dragons

The past couple of days have been pretty awesome for a couple of reasons:
  1. I finally made my Frozen Shadoweave Boots.
  2. I solo'd this guy. 70 Elite. Made me really happy.

A couple of other things I did:
  • Tailoring is now at 370. Awesome!
  • Enchanting is at 325. We're getting there.
  • I became Revered with the Scryers and am a stone's throw from being Exalted with the Shat'ar.
So overall, I think it's been a pretty productive couple of days. Made some good moves forward on my progression and pretty soon (today) I should be ready to head into Kara! Woot!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day two and WotLK

So today has been pretty much an epic fail. I tried all day to get into a Heroic Underbog and/or a Heroic Arcatraz. This is honestly the most frustrating server to find groups on. And even if you do find a group good luck finding a tank. I had a good H-UB group but we needed a tank. Waited and searched for a good hour. Thanks a lot Laughing Skull. I love you too.

On the bright side my Tailoring is coming along well. Got up to 365 today and made some more Shadowcloth. (I still love the buff you get for making it) Hopefully by the time my CD is done I'll be at 375 and able to buy some cooldowns and finish my robe this week.

I'm also looking around for a good headset to use with Vent. What headset do you use? Any suggestions are welcome and would be much appreciated.

I am SO looking forward to WotLK. I threw around the idea of taking paid-time-off that day and veging out for hours on end but I think I'm just gonna buy it, install it and then get two full levels of rest while hype cools down. I have an inkling feeling that Northrend is gonna be exactly like the Isle of Quael'Danas was when it first opened. Hell on Azeroth. Really looking forward to leveling Dak again and all the new content.

However...I gotta get geared and get raiding before it comes out!!

Sidenote: Sorry my blog looks kinda crappy right now. I gotta get some time to work on it...

Hokay So...

Alright everyone. After being inspired by my buddy Queklain over on Feathermoon, I have decided to start a blog following the many adventures of my Shadow Priest, Dakiaria.

A little about me. I've been playing WoW since September of 2006. I started on Arthas (PvP Alliance) as Hootsmcpoot a feral druid. I got fed up with the infantile antics of my guild and Alliance in general so I decided to do the only thing I could think of: Join the Horde. Left Arthas and have been playing Dakiaria on LS ever since.

So now to bring you up to speed with Dakiaria. I am currently aiming to gear Dak for endgame raiding. Doing pretty well so far. I was part of the guild The Overlords of Evil for a good long while. Great guild. Great members. Best GM I've been with. I left because I went on hiatus for a few months and the guild progressed far ahead of me. We were gearing from Karazahn when I left and when I got back they were finishing up Illidan in Black Temple. Like I said, they are an awesome guild.

So I joined a fun guild to earn some money and get my gear assembled before I join a serious raiding guild again. Right now I am workin on a couple of goals I have set:
  • Save up for epic riding and epic flyer.
  • Finishing up my Frozen Shadoweave Robe (getting my Tailoring to 375 in the process)
  • Getting my Enchanting to 385 (Go Blood Elves!)
  • Getting a couple of items to round out my gear and start running Karazahn and Gruul's Lair regularly
Regular updates comin soon! And thanks for reading!